Industrial 15” display with only 6.3mm height

The technical progress of displays is often not in line with the ideas of the designers, as they are usually looking for a display with particularly compact dimensions, small or at best no disturbing bezel at all and convenient mounting.
The new NLT display NL10276AC30-53D follows these wishes. Despite a height of only 6.3mm and a narrow bezel, it offers lateral mounting option.

As with many modern displays, the LED driver is already integrated, controlling the backlight’s long-life LEDs. With a good viewing angle of 160° from all sides, a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 as well as a brightness of 500 cd/m² allow for use in outdoor applications. Moreover a very low power consumption of only 8.5 watts is perfect for use in mobile systems.

The display features a 6 or 8 bit mode LVDS interface and an anti-glare coating for better readability.

Samples are available no and the serial production is scheduled for June 2017.

The most important facts of the NL10276AC30-53D: