AUO 15″ On-Cell Touch Display With Extra Strong Protective Glass

In our last newsletter we introduced the new AUO TFT Display G150XTK01.0 with integrated on-cell PCAP touch. For protecting the display surface AUO has specified that this display can be equipped with a 1.8mm cover glass, without sacrificing touch functionality and without reducing the number of touch points. Our special VacuBond® dry optical bonding process offers the perfect zero-default assembly for it. However sometimes 1.8mm are not enough.

For some applications, for example outdoors or in places with a risk of vandalism, such a cover glass does not offer sufficient protection. Therefore we optically bonded a 3mm hardened cover glass to the display and could release it without any restrictions.

A decisive point here is the OPTαGEL, which we use in the VacuBond® process: In conventional tape bonding, the space between the protective glass and the display surface is filled with air. Compared to air, the OPTαGEL provides a better permittivity and in combination with our touch controller firmware update enable the PCAP touch screen to penetrate the 3mm protective glass without any problem. Thanks to VacuBond®, all 5 touch points are perfectly maintained and the touch function is just as perfect as with the display alone or with a 1.8mm tape-bonded protective glass.

As a next step, we are working on the integration of cover glasses with 4mm thickness and more. We are adjusting the touch controller firmware individually according to the thickness of the cover glass here in Germering and will keep you informed on our experiences.

Currently we have samples of the G150XTK01.0 available from stock, so we can quickly produce optically bonded samples for you.

Put our VacuBond® optical bonding process and our touch expertise to the test and call us!