Advantech SBCs

Advantech is a leading manufacturer of industrial embedded solutions. Advantech’s product range includes 2.5 “Pico-ITX ™ boards, 3.5” single board computers (SBCs) and industrial
motherboards, as well as complete solutions such as embedded BOX PCs and industrial PCs.

Advantages of Advantech SBCs:

  • Industrial qualityAdvantech SBCs
  • Leadung manufacturer
  • Customized solutions
  • Long-term availability
  • Extended temperature range

We offer:

MIO-2263 – 2.5″ Pico-ITX™ Board

MIO-5251 – 3.5″ Single Board Computer

MIO-5272 – 3.5″ Single Board Computer

We also supply other Advantech SBCs, please contact us.