Raspberry Pi / Pi 2 / Pi 3 – Graphics Solutions (also for Beaglebone Black, ODROID-XU4 or Banana Pro)

The compact and very competitive priced ARM platforms with Android OS are getting more and more popular and wide spread. However it is difficult to realize a stable and secure ARM based TFT display application. At the moment we offer two different solutions on a project Basis. We are also experienced in Android HID touch driver integration.

Compact solution with PrismaMINI and e.g. industrial 7″ TFT display (5.7″…15″ possible)

 This kit solution consists of the following components:

• Innolux 7″ TFT display G070Y2-L01
(resolution 800×480)
PrismaMINI compact TFT controller board
(Order no. PA-03-100)
• all required connection and power cables
• HDMI Gender

Also available
Ampire: AM1280800P2TZQW-00H, AM-1280800P3TZQW-00HAM-1280800P3TZQW-10H
AUO: G084SN05V9 und G101EVN01.0
Innolux: G070Y2-L01, G104X1-L03, G104X1-L04 & G121I1-L01
LG: LB121S03-TL04
Mitsubishi: AA050MG03
NLT: NLB150XG01L-01
Sharp: LQ150X1LG71
Kits with TFT displays in other sizes are under preparation.

Artista-IoT TFT Controller for the Internet of Things

The Artista-IoT consists of a base board and the latest Raspberry Pi Compute Module CM3. They are the perfect basis for cost-effective applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

Using the plug-and-play Artista-IoT starter kit you can start with your project right away.


Universal solution with PrismaMEDIA-eco

This kit solution is available for nearly all TFT displays of our line card from 5.7″ to 82″ and consists of the following components:

• TFT display
PrismaMEDIA-eco TFT controller board
• all required connector and power cables
• HDMI Gender

Please contact us with your project data, we are ready to help you.