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Customized Solutions

Apollo Displays offers expert customized solutions for any and all of your branding needs. Apollo's experienced engineers design display systems according to your specific demands, allowing you to personalize the chassis and software of your display(s) with your corporate logo and colors.

Why reconfigure your wants and needs to a display system when you can customize your own system and get exactly what you need?

Make use of Apollo's full-service package. Apollo Displays produces monitor and touch systems, as well as the assembly of components. We manufacture both protoypes and mass productions.

Apollo Displays' services include:

  • TFT enhancements (HighBright, transflective, LED modifications, etc.)
  • Complete SBC/TFT kits including imaging of WIN
  • Firmware adjustments / software solutions
  • Mechanical and electronic design
  • Hardware customization
  • Product enhancements
  • Chassis customization
  • Touchscreen fitting
  • Optical bonding