November 12, 2019


Is a flawless, high-resolution image quality important for your application? Then our new Brilan 4K monitors are ideal: not only do they offer a detailed and brilliant visualization, but also offer high quality and robust workmanship. In addition to the Brilan 4K 75″ (190.5cm), we have now extended the series by the sizes 42.5″ (108cm) and 54.6″ (138.7cm). Moreover a 64.5″ (163.9cm) Brilan 4K will be available soon.

The monitors of the Brilan 4K series are designed for 24/7 operation, featuring a brightness of 700cd / m², a contrast between 3000: 1 and 4000: 1 and a resolution of 3840x2160px. Loudspeakers are fitted as a standard. In addition, the monitors can be equipped with various options, such as a TrueFlat PCAP touch with 10 touch points (42.5″ and 54.6″ only) or a bezel for an even more elegant design.

To control the Brilan 4K monitors, a powerful 4K controller is used, which provides various interfaces, such as DisplayPort, HDMI or RS232C. Using the built-in 4-button OSD menu, you can make several settings, such as brightness or colour values.
The Brilan 4K 54,6“ (138.7cm) also offers options such as an Android platform, LAN remote and an external PC box.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.